Millennials are the most connected generation to have ever lived but a significant proportion of them are plagued by loneliness, an expert has warned.

The charity Relate said that under-25s are “increasingly likely” to experience loneliness.

But they are by no means the only generation tormented by the loneliness epidemic that is sweeping Britain.

Around a million elderly people are afflicted, with one woman describing how she felt as though she had “forgotten how to speak” after going so long without social contact.

And children as young as six are reaching out for help to combat feeling lonely.

It paints a depressing picture of the problem spanning all aspects of British society.

How loneliness affects different age groups© PA How loneliness affects different age groupsThe Government has said that loneliness is a complex issue but one it is “determined to tackle”.

But there appears to be a mammoth task ahead – figures show that the UK has a higher than average proportion of adults who have “no one to ask for help”, when compared with other European countries.

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