cover-transformingcapbookTransforming Capitalism from Within: a Relational Approach to the Purpose, Performance, and Assessment of Companies

By Jonathan Rushworth and Michael Schluter. A detailed assessment of what it means to be a Relational company in a modern market economy.

coverbrochure2015Relational Thinking Brochure

A short explanation of Relational Thinking and the impact it can have on public, business, and personal life.

cover-relationalriskpaper Relational Risk 2016 Conference Paper

By David John Lee. The theme paper for the 2016 Relational Thinking Conference held at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge and introducing the idea of Relational risk as a element in company management and public policy design

cover-relationalbriefingpaperRelational Analysis Briefing Paper

By David John Lee and Michael Schluter. An outline of the fundamental ideas and historical context of Relational Thinking.

 transformingcaparticlecoverTransforming Capitalism from Within: A Relational Approach to Company Management and Operations

By Jonathan Rushworth and Dr Arad Reisberg. Re-published with kind permission of Chase Cambria (Company) Limited as this article first appeared in International Corporate Rescue Volume 11, issue 4.

Beyond Financial Capital: Seeking Relational Solutions to Global Financial Instability

Paul Mills speaks about relational solution to global financial instability at the 2016 Relational Thinking Network Members and Partners Day at St Catharine’s College Cambridge.

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