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Great to see you here! This is our special Partners’ area, where we will be gradually adding new features. For now, please read in the Chairman’s newsletter  what we’ve been up to in the last couple of months, and have a look at the events coming up. Why not see if you cannot join us for one them? If you are a coach, the training days offer you an opportunity to learn more about how to help your clients with understanding and adjusting the relational dynamics. Try also the Infohub retrieval for documents and posts. You will find some helpful resources here, and you can add your own. And of course, we always like to hear feedback. Anything you miss here? We do want to hear from you.


Chairman’s Letter

Michael SchluterMichael Schluter CBE has recently taken over as chairman of the Relational Thinking Network. You can download his new Winter 2015 letter here:



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This search facility gives you instant access to ALL our core documents (displayed and downloadable as PDFs) and ALL the posts on this site that reference reports and media stories relevant to Relational Thinking.


You are an important part of the network. So please upload relevant links and information so others can benefit from it. We moderate all uploaded content, and look forward to hearing from you!

Recent Stories

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Upcoming Events

15 September 2017

Relational Thinking Network thought leadership day, Cambridge, UK. More information to follow soon.

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