CAMBRIDGE, UK – June 20, 2014 – Global thinker and businessman Prabhu Guptara has been officially elected Chairman at the Relational Thinking Network annual conference in South Africa.

The 2014 conference was held near Johannesburg in South Africa and was well-attended by members from across the globe. Delegates discussed the impact that good relationships have in all areas of public and private life, and especially in the business, education and non-profit sectors.

Prabhu Guptara, Chairman of the Relational Thinking Network, said

“All of us are upset by the state of the world and the directions in which it is going at present.  But many of us don’t know what we can do about it beyond the occasional bit of charity. Here is the good news:

Relational Thinking can enable you to understand what all is wrong with the world. More important, it will enable you (as it has enabled me!) to reflect on, and so improve, your relationships at home and work. I also support Relational Thinking because it gives me a very practical agenda for improving the state of the entire world.

But the most important thing about Relational Thinking is that it provides an agenda in which each of us can get involved - at our own level, and in our own way. You can play your part, whether you are a leader, an employee, a housewife or a student – and even if you are out of work!

Join me and others in growing the impact of The Relational Thinking Network, and so making your own world better, as well as improving the state of the world.”

Relational Thinking Network

The Relational Thinking Network is a non-profit global organization dedicated to social transformation through putting relationships first in public and private life.  This approach is termed ‘Relational Thinking’ and leads to a new way of seeing the world, a framework for the reform of organizations and wider society and an alternative pattern for ordering our lives.