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This book will give you a concise introduction to one of the most innovative ideas in modern education. We know that the key to great education is great relationships. But what does that mean in practice? In the book and accompanying DVD, notable academics and teachers show the impact Relational teaching can make not just on schools, but on the results they produce.

Edited by Robert Loe
Preface by Professor Colleen McLaughlin


Relational Schools works to put relationships at the core of school life, on the principle that supportive relationships between all members of a school are pivotal. Strong, secure, relationships can, they say, surmount social inequality. Weak or fragile relationships reinforce educational disadvantage. It is only in a secure relationships that the most difficult learning can take place and such relationships can have a powerful and positive influence on children’s wellbeing, mental health and academic progress.

What’s shocking is how far we have allowed our focus to move from these basic premises. This book, and the film that accompanies it, focus in particular on teachers as they assess the impact of their relationships on the students they teach. We see them come to view their agency as professionals through a more developmental lens. The authors argue that the teacher who understands the relational dynamics of the classroom is able to have a broad and more complete understanding of each student as an individual, and to encourage the young people they teach to explore their own agency as member of the group, and their own relationship with the teacher and other staff.

The message is powerful. Its focus on the importance of the quality of human interactions between a teacher and the young people in their care is a million miles from the dominant paradigm of discipline and data-driven accountability. Moreover, the driving force behind Relational Schools – to build a stronger, more connected, and more compassionate society by starting with relationships in schools – is both compelling and urgent.



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