The R Factor (Schluter and Lee)

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By Michael Schluter and David Lee

Michael Schluter worked as an economist with the World Bank. He is the founder of the Jubilee Centre and the Keep Sunday Special Campaign. He now works as the Chairman of Relational Research.

David Lee has studied geography and theology in Oxford and North America and is the author of several books.


Loneliness. Violence. Insecurity. Insider dealing. Destruction of the environment. Such things are so familiar that we think them inevitable.

They are not. They arise because Western society is undermining relationships, which are the foundation of both democracy and the market economy. For relationships are more than a motif for glossy magazines. They are the links which hold society together.

Written at a time of intense debate both in the emerging post-communist world and the recession-ridden West, The R Factor presents a powerful critique of our culture. Only through creation of Relational markets and democracies, it argues, will we find personal fulfilment and build a truly stable global order.


Praise for The R Factor

‘It makes a point that deserves attention… Its main idea is here to stay.’ (The Economist)

‘There are a dozen or more tantalising proposals which deserve a wider airing…’ (Financial Times)

‘… many of the practical suggestions made are entirely sensible…’ (Times Literary Supplement)

‘The authors call for a user-friendly, “relational” economy with human-sized units in production, distribution, health services, justice and education.’ (The Guardian)

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    Not many people can say they are impacting so many lives as if you are.


    Usually, I don’t read long posts, but it absolutely was worth the time. Nice article.

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