Relational Research is a not-for-profit think tank and incubator of organizations based in Cambridge, UK.

Its task is to develop ideas and applications in the field of Relational Thinking. It carries out original research, and also incubates companies, social enterprises and NGOs that seek to apply Relational Thinking in their spheres of activity.



Relational Analytics

Relational Research owns the Intellectual Property licensed to corporates and consulting firms by Relational Analytics, a company that manages the development of metric tools based on the Relational Proximity Framework.

European policy

In the wake of the Brexit vote, Relational Research is producing a Relational Economic Plan for Europe to outline a new way forward for European nations. Commissioned by the Christian Political Foundation for Europe (the think tank for the European Christian Political Movement), the Plan seeks to provide a consistent framework for policy. It addresses a range of current issues, including levels of national debt, budget deficits, the future of the Euro, and declining trends in the quality of the relational infrastructure.

Cross-cultural influence

Relational Research works with the Summer Institute of Linguistics to extend the reach of Relational metrics into non-Western organizations.

Relational Peacebuilding

Relational Research is currently supporting the start-up of Relational Peacebuilding Initiatives (RPI). A Swiss association, RPI facilitates behind-the-scenes consultations which are capable of turning major political conflicts into lasting and satisfactory settlements. Its long and successful track record in South Africa, Rwanda and Sudan has enabled RPI to develop a Track Two peacebuilding methodology (engaging representatives with direct links to decision-makers)  which can be applied globally. Relational Peacebuilding is currently engaged in setting up a series of consultations on frameworks for peaceful settlements in Ukraine and the Korean peninsula.

Relational Education

Relational Schools, set up in 2014, seeks to influence education policy, leadership and organizational practice. Relational Research has supported the start-up of Relational Schools, which plans to go independent in 2017. Relational Schools Netherlands has recently been set up. There are plans to launch Relational Schools Australia, where the Relational Schools Research Director, Dr Rob Loe, has recently been speaking.

Relational Companies

Relational Research has been studying the application of Relational Thinking to corporate structure since 2007. The main report was published in 2012 entitled ‘Transforming Capitalism From Within’. In this report, the authors propose a Relational Business Charter, setting out a redefinition of the purpose of companies as well as company’s obligations to its major stakeholder groups, as well as . In addition they propose a Relational Ratings Agency, similar to a credit Ratings Agency, but with a different business model. In 2016, a feasibility study was carried out for the structure, operations and funding of a Relational Ratings Agency by the Cambridge Judge Business School. This research project continues in 2017.

cover-transformingcapbookDownload Transforming Capitalism from Within: a Relational Approach to the Purpose, Performance, and Assessment of Companies

 transformingcaparticlecoverTransforming Capitalism from Within: A Relational Approach to Company Management and Operations

By Jonathan Rushworth and Dr Arad Reisberg. Re-published with kind permission of Chase Cambria (Company) Limited as this article first appeared in International Corporate Rescue Volume 11, issue 4.

The Relational Lens


Published by Cambridge University Press, The Relational Lens outlines the intellectual foundations of Relational Thinking.

Its official launch will take place on October 24th , at the headquarters of LinkLaters, London. After the publication date, you can purchase the book here.



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