YORK/CAMBRIDGE - What would you do if you had a million pounds? In a quest to find out what a more resilient economy could look like, the Friends Provident Foundation asked 13 experts for their opinion. In answering that question  Dr Michael Schluter expressed his desire to start a 'Relational Ratings Agency', scoring companies on the quality of relationships they have with all the people that are key to success of the business: from employees to shareholders, from customers to regulators: "We look at things through the lens of relationships rather than just the lens of money. The reason we do that, is that behind every financial transaction there is a relationship. And it is the relationship that determines the long-term success and impact  of what goes on in terms of finance and money. So if you really want a successful economy you've got to get behind the financial transactions, the sheer money, to the relationships that are underneath it", he says.

Watch Michael Schluter explain 'Relational Thinking™' in the context of a more resilient economy here.