Our position on Brexit

In 2016 the people of the United Kingdom decided, by a narrow majority, that the country should leave the European Union. How that is going to happen, and the consequences of that step, are not fully clear at the moment.

However, since the Brexit decision has many relational consequences, the Relational Thinking Network would like to make its position clear.

The Executive Committee acknowledges that this is a testing time for the British, the Europeans living and working within their borders and for Europe as a whole. In that context we would like to affirm the importance which should be attached to relationships between people of different nations, regions and communities.

Through the work of our Members and Partners we seek to strengthen the relational infrastructure that holds us together, based on the loyalty and trust that form the social fabric of our communities and organisations.

We call on all people of goodwill, and their political representatives, in Britain and across Europe to be vigilant in protecting those relationships, by all possible means to strengthen them and, seek healthy co-operation and shared goals, instead of allowing feelings of fear and insecurity to create distrust and division.

On behalf of our British members and partners we would also like to emphasize that we welcome our EU neighbours who have come to live among us. We wish them to contribute to building a British society that balances liberties with obligations, competition with cooperation, diversity with unity, privacy with transparency, rights with responsibilities, innovation with continuity, and individuality with community.