What is RTN?

The Relational Thinking Network (RTN) is the driver of the Relational Movement.

Who are part of the Network?

It consists of a growing number of Members and Partners from all around the world. They either work with the ideas and tools of Relational Thinking in their organizations and businesses, or are interested in learning more about how to implement them.

How does the Network function?

RTN is governed by the Executive Committee. Members currently are:

  • Dr Michael Schluter (interim chair)
  • Mr Edmond Granges (Treasurer)
  • Mrs Catharine Hammond (UK)
  • Mr Simon Fowler (US)
  • Mr Moses Koh (Singapore)
  • Mr Zolile Mlisana (South AFrica)

The daily running of the Network is done through the Secretariat.

Connecting and Networking

It is extremely important for Members and Partners to connect. There are different ways in which this happens but we strongly encourage the development of new initiatives for more networking.

The bi-annual International Conference is one of the key places where Members and Partners can come together to explore the ideas further, share best practices, and to connect and network.

However, since this is only an event every two years, there are other opportunities as well. For instance in smaller networks, organized within a professional area (for example, the Relational Academic Forum) or thematic. There is talk of possible sub-networks starting around concepts like ‘sustainabilty’ and ‘cities’. A Relational Thinking LinkedIn group has also been set up to facilitate the networking and development of the ideas.


Although the International Conference and the smaller networks are playing an important role in the growth and deepening of (the understanding of) ideas, the Partners’ section on the website gives an overview of upcoming events, be it in training or otherwise. Members and Partners can also access here a list of resources.

Where is the Network located?

The Relational Thinking Network is registered as a Swiss Association in Geneva. The Network’s secretariat however is based in Cambridge from where the co-ordination of events and conferences, communication and fundraising activities is taking place. In the near future we hope to open a centre in Geneva to take the conversation into the international institutions present.

Would you like to become part of the Network? You can do so by going to the relevant pages:

The work of the Relational Thinking Network is partly funded by Partners and Members. The other part comes from donations. If you like our proposals and think it’s got potential to bring real change, consider making a donation that will help us to grow the movement that will drive the transformation of our organizations, companies and communities.


Please note that although the paypal payment page carries the name of Relational Research, your donation will go fully towards the work of the Relational Thinking Network, that is in initiative of Relational Research.