The inaugural Stakeholder Relationship Algorithm workshop by Consult Ren was held on 7th November 2017 in Singapore.

This workshop is designed to help participants breakdown the complex algorithm of forming strong relationships into simple steps. Through hands-on activities and reflective drills, this engaging workshop will change the way participants think about relationships and equip them with tools that could help them build strong relationship bridges.

The workshop’s content draws on the wisdom and expertise of 20 years of research and development in Relational Thinking.

In this workshop, participants learn how to:

· Identify and Map Key Stakeholders

· Quickly discover the DNA of any relationships

· Understand and apply the Relational Proximity Framework™ with their stakeholders

· Use the Relational Lens to diagnose any problem

After the workshop, one participant shared that he felt he should start engaging a very important key stakeholder which he had avoided due to personality differences. After going through the Proximity model, he could identify the areas in that relationship that requires attention and come up with an effective engagement plan.

Another participant discovered that even the most insignificant person can indirectly affect her performance. It is important to find out who are the performance affecting stakeholders in her workplace and start to build good relationships with them.

The most satisfying aspect of this course from my perspective was that at the end of the workshop, participants demonstrate that they understood and knew how to apply Relational Thinking into their situation. Previous courses were more knowledge based and participants usually were not able to articulate understanding. Without intentional practice, it is difficult to make Relational Thinking work for anyone.

This workshop has the potential to help people engage Relational Thinking in a practical and sustainable way that will be the catalyst to transform relationships and culture in any organisation. To find out more, please contact